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June 2024 | Paper Plane Contest

We recently held our 2nd charity event of the year, with both the Hereford office and the German office taking part in our paper plane competition! We held the competition in aid of the European Food Banks Federation (FEBA), who do amazing work across Europe providing food to deprived people across the continent. For this contest, we challenged the HALCO team to design and build their own paper planes, with an added HALCO twist of each plane needing to include a piece of hook & loop tape somewhere in the design. Once the rules and materials had been given out, teams had 5 minutes to craft their planes ready for takeoff.
After 5 minutes, all the tools and paper had to be put down and it was time to launch our planes! Taking it in turns, each plane was thrown from the window in an effort to get the furthest. There was varying degrees of success, with some planes taking flight, whilst others nosedived into the carpark below. After the planes had landed (or crashed!), our judges in the car parks determined the winners for the Hereford and German offices, and chocolates were awarded to the victors.
There was plenty of laughs and memorable moments had, and most importantly we raised £300 for the European Food Banks Federation, helping them feed even more people in need across Europe. For more information on the work they do, visit their website today here. Check our our exclusive behind the scenes gallery below.

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